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Lack of accessibility should never close off part of a home or building, but stairs, with their related hazards, are too great an obstruction for some, be it your family members, coworkers, or clients. Nationwide Lifts' home elevators, stair lifts, dumbwaiters, and wheelchair lifts are solutions for increasing mobility inside a residential property. Enhancing mobility and equalizing accessibility for everyone, Nationwide Lifts' products are designed with physical and structural needs in mind and are backed by Canada's Best Warranty and 24-7 telephone support.

Something For Everyone

Nationwide Lifts Canada provides a wide range of high-quality products for homes and commercial buildings. Elevators operate with hydraulic, winding drum, traction, or pneumatic mechanisms, and certain features and appearance facets can be customized to match the precise look of your property. All systems efficiently move between two or more floors and offer a new dimension of versatility for a home or building. In addition to improving wheelchair and handicap accessibility, home elevators from Nationwide Lifts Canada assist with moving large furniture and other items and help with decreasing fall- and carrying-related hazards.

Nationwide Lifts offers many more affordable solutions for expanding mobility at home and in commercial settings. For indoor and outdoor uses, stair lifts handle a variety of body sizes and types, several stairway widths and shapes, and even wheelchairs and motor scooters. Dumbwaiters, as well, offer a cost-effective internal transport system for homes and commercial structures.

Don't accept limited independence or feel a costly transaction like purchasing a single-story house is the only solution. Instead, break through reduced accessibility with a new elevator, stair lift, or dumbwaiter system. Contact Nationwide Lifts today to learn more, request a catalogue, or get a quote.

Our Products
No matter what type of product that you may be looking for, Nationwide Canada is sure to have you covered. From residential to commercial buildings, dumbwaiters to glass elevators, you can find it here. Backed by our unbeatable warranty, Nationwide Canada is sure to keep your mobility and satisfaction our number one priority!
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