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Contemporary Elevators
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Contemporary Elevators

Straightforward, less time-consuming installation and a compact design make Vision contemporary elevators some of the most modern models on the market. When it comes to installing a residential elevator into your home, Vision contemporary models require no hoistway, pit, or machine room. These self-contained designs can be installed practically anywhere in a structure to improve independence and mobility and to provide greater convenience.

Modern operation mechanisms characterize all Vision contemporary elevators. A winding drum cable system or a vacuum-like pneumatic mechanism moves the cab inside the hoistway. As the cab moves up and down, the user inside receives a gorgeous panoramic view of your home. Each system moves 9.144 meters (30 feet) to 12.192 meters (40 feet) at two to five stops, and as few of the standard features are required, installation takes far less time and costs less.

Additionally, the hexagonal and cylindrical cab shapes provide versatility within the design of your home. Not only can the system's floor or balcony mount landings be placed just about anywhere, but also the neutral look blends in with many interiors.

For giving your home modern style and operation at an affordable price, go with one of our Vision contemporary elevators. Choose from multiple sizes and styles to match your building or accommodate your needs .

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