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Add an additional level of convenience to your home with dumbwaiters. Do you live in a multi-story dwelling, or run a business with crucial operations on more than one floor? If so, including a dumbwaiter will make the day-to-day operations run smoother: supplies and other items, such as laundry or dishes, can easily be moved between floors without accidents or injuries being a concern.

Dumbwaiters from Nationwide Lifts are designed with technology and efficiency in mind. All systems are automatic and equipped with safety features. Aside from loading the device and pressing the right controls, no more effort is required to move items from one floor to the next.

As Jeeves dumbwaiters are configured to operate between two or more floors, one of these resourceful systems can be installed between multiple levels in a home or building. For convenience, connect the second floor to the basement of a home, or an upper level to a lower operations location in a business with a dumbwaiter.

Available in residential and commercial models, Jeeves dumbwaiters from Nationwide Lifts operate with a rail system, offer control buttons, can stop on two or more floors, and are equipped with safety devices for emergencies. Browse our selection to find the dumbwaiter that closely matches your home's or company's needs.

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