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Freedom Elite
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Freedom Elite

As the largest home model Nationwide Lifts offers, the Freedom Elite introduces convenience and expanded independence with a luxurious design. Supporting up to 635.029 kg (1,400 pounds), this system operates via a hydraulic mechanism and can travel up to 15.24 meters (50 feet) over five stops. Safety features, including battery-powered lowering, automatic door locks, and backup lighting, offer support in the event of an emergency.

Additional Information
With a spacious cab 2.4384 meters (96 inches) tall, the Freedom Elite has multiple design possibilities. Wood finishes, designer veneers, or stainless or paintable steel allow a system to stylistically blend in with your home, while automatic sliding doors can be configured to your needs.

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• 1500 lb capacity
• 40 fpm rated speed
• Hydraulic drive system for smooth, quiet operation
• Automatic side-sliding cab door
• Automatic side-sliding landing doors
• Standard cab platform sizes of 40" x 48", 44" x 54", or 44" x 60"
• 96" interior cab height
• Travel capability of up to 50 feet with up to 5 stops
• Shallow 8" pit requirement for easy adaptation
• Emergency battery powered lowering
• Automatic emergency cab lighting
• Recessed ceiling lights
• Illuminated haloed push buttons in car
• 230V operation

• Cab configurations, including front/back
• Custom cab sizes

View Colours

Raised Hardwood Finishes
Finished Oak
Finished Maple
Finished Cherry

Clear Finished Recess Veneer
Finished Oak
Finished Maple
Finished Cherry

Fixture Finishes
Anodized Bronze
Anodized Silver
Brushed Stainless Steel

Flooring Finishes
Finished Oak
Finished Maple
Finished Cherry

Melamine Finishes
Antique White
Ashburn Cherry
Flamenco Cherry
Red Oak
Silken Maple

Unfinished Veneer Finishes
Finished Oak
Finished Maple
Finished Cherry
Finished Oak

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