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Freedom Green
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Freedom Green

Efficient and designed for the environmentally-conscious homeowner, Freedom Green elevators require far less power to operate than standard lift systems. In fact, this model uses 50 percent less energy than other hydraulic home elevators.

Additional Information
A traction drive mechanism of a counterbalance system provides a smooth ride and eliminates machine room installation and use of hydraulic oil. The result is a motor-operated elevator that offers efficiency and convenience while conserving space inside your home's interior.

Green technology extends beyond this elevator's operation. Cab walls are composed of 100-percent recycled and recovered wood, and choice of finishes and colors allows you to create a customized look.

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• 1,000lb capacity
• 40 ft/minute rated speed
• Remote controller installation
• Fully automatic operation
• 2 hp motor
• Energy efficient variable speed motor
• Automatic cab on/off lighting
• Receesed (hide-away) gate pocket
• Digital Display in car operating panel
• Home landing feature
• Melamine cab with 6 different color choice

• Cab width up to 42"
• Cab length up to 60"
• 96: cab height available
• Alpha numeric button making
• Power gate & power door operators
• Two exit opening at one landing
• Laminated cab floor in cherry, maple or oak

View Colours

Raised Hardwood Finishes
Finished Oak
Finished Maple
Finished Cherry

Clear Finished Recess Veneer
Finished Oak
Finished Maple
Finished Cherry

Fixture Finishes
Anodized Bronze
Anodized Silver
Brushed Stainless Steel

Flooring Finishes
Finished Oak
Finished Maple
Finished Cherry

Melamine Finishes
Antique White
Ashburn Cherry
Flamenco Cherry
Red Oak
Silken Maple

Unfinished Veneer Finishes
Finished Oak
Finished Maple
Finished Cherry
Finished Oak

View Drawings & Guides

Drawings & Guides
Here you can download as a PDF/DWG or you can view the PDF online by clicking the link(s) below.

Freedom Green Planning Guide        Freedom Green Planning Guide

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