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Indy Outdoor
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Indy Outdoor

Getting into a home or building isn't always a smooth path. In fact, stairs are frequently present. For providing all types of mobility options, install an outdoor stair lift. This way, customers, clients, or even you can easily enter your building or home in all weather conditions.

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The Indy Outdoor allows you to do this and more. Designed to handle years of exposure to the elements, storms, and seasonal changes, this outdoor stair lift is equipped with tight covers and can be installed directly onto or on either side of a staircase. The device supports up to 158.757 kg (350 pounds) and has built-in sensors. For mobility, no matter the weather outdoors, equip your outside staircase with one of our Indy Outdoor stair lifts.

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• Weight capacity: 350 lbs
• Power source: 115 VAC
• Seat size: 19" Wide x 14" Deep x 14" Tall
• Travel distance: 16 ft standard – available up to 20 ft
• Speed: 20 feet per minute
• Incline limits: 30° – 45°
• Drive system: Aircraft cable rated for 4,200 lbs
• Track type: Anodized extruded aluminum

• Made in the USA.
• Low voltage Class 2 circuit for protection in the event of a short circuit.
• Seat and footrest fold to 14".
• Safety sensors stop lift to avoid stalls if something is in the way of the lift operating properly.
• Mounts to the stairs instead of the wall.
• Seat swivels 90° toward landing at every level for easy entry and exit.
• Can be installed on either side of the staircase.
• Smooth ride from start to finish.

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Indy Outdoor (Need Doc)

Indy Outdoor (Need Doc)

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