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Indy Pinnacle
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Indy Pinnacle

Just as staircases have varying widths, stair lifts are built to handle narrow and average-size passageways. To accommodate the narrowest of staircases, the Indy Pinnacle is the most compact model Nationwide Lifts Canada offers.

Additional Information
Built for both residential and commercial structures, the Indy Pinnacle sits 27.94 cm (11 inches) away from the wall once installed and operates with a helical drive system. Although the narrowest stair lift we offer, the Indy Pinnacle supports up to 158.757 kg (350 pounds). For ease of use, the system has a swivel seat for getting on and off, folds up at both ends, and can operate during a power outage. For increasing mobility on staircases of all sizes, install one of our Indy Pinnacle stair lifts into your home or commercial building.

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• Weight capacity: 350 lbs
• Electrical requirements: 115 VAC
• Operation power: 24V DC Battery
• Travel distance: 16 ft standard – available up to 75 ft
• Speed: 17-21 ft per minute
• Incline limits: 27 – 52 degrees
• Drive system: Polymer worm/worm-rack
• Motor output speed at rated load: 62 rpm
• Motor output torque at rated load: 18 lb ft
• Motor output amps at rated load: 14 Amps
• Track type: Extruded aluminum
• Average return trips per charge: 20 – 40 – varies based on load & length
• Switchable arms for left-handed and right-handed operation
• Need to open chassis to install or change sides

• Made in the USA.
• Safety sensors will always stop the lift when it meets an obstruction.
• 11" wide – the narrowest stair lift available.
• Able to make up to 40 trips during a power outage.
• Helical drive system.
• Entire system weighs 180 lbs, including the 16 feet of track!
• Indicator lights provide an easy operating system.
• Does not require grease or lubricants.

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Drawings & Guides
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Indy Pinnacle (Need Doc)

Indy Pinnacle (Need Doc)

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