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Jeeves Pro
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Jeeves Pro

Do you operate a company or business, such as a restaurant, that utilizes multiple floors? Are items or objects, such as furniture, electronics, and even books, being moved from one level to another almost daily? Rather than struggling to lift large items up a stairway or risking fall- or carrying-related injuries, modify your space with a commercial dumbwaiter.

Additional Information
The Jeeves Pro, available through Nationwide Lifts Canada, provides commercial convenience in three sizes: 56.6990 kg (125 pounds), 113.398 kg (250 pounds), and 226.796 kg (500 pounds). All operate at 30 feet per minute with a cable-driven system that can move 10.668 meters (35 feet) over up to four stops. A commercial-grade rail trolley system and safety devices, such as a slack cable and final limit, provide support and stability for efficiently moving items within your facility.

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• 125 lb, 250 lb or 500 lb capacity
• 30 fpm rated speed
• Cable driven
• Travel up to 35 feet and 4 stops
• Lighted call buttons
• Steel cab (powder coated)
• Commercial grade rail/trolley system
• Maintenance free motor/gear assembly
• Safety devices including slack cable, final limit, gate switch, and trolley brake
• Interlock door safety devices (keep doors locked when dumbwaiter is at other levels)
• 115V operation for 125 lb, 250 lb units
• 230V operation for 500 lb unit
• Roll up gate on cab for 125 lb, 250 lb units
• Scissor gate on cab for 500 lb unit

• Stainless steel cab
• Commercial doors
• Custom Sizes
• Custom Cab configurations
• Chimes at Landings
• Cab light

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The JEEVES PRO is a dumbwaiter built for commercial applications and residential applications with stringent building codes. The JEEVES PRO dumbwaiter has a steel constructed cab and roll-up gate on the cab. The JEEVES PRO 125 and JEEVES PRO 250 dumbwaiters are available as Do-It-Yourself Kits or installed by Nationwide Lifts (Note: Most areas require that commercial dumbwaiters are installed by a licensed elevator contractor). The JEEVES PRO 500 is not available as a Do-It-Yourself Kit.

Jeeves Pro 125
24" width x 24" depth x 24" height

Jeeves Pro 250
28" width x 28" depth x 28" height

Jeeves Pro 500
36" width x 36" depth x 48" height

*The above dimensions are clear inside cab dimensions
**Custom sizes available upon request.

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Drawings & Guides
Here you can download as a PDF/DWG or you can view the PDF online by clicking the link(s) below.

Jeeves Pro 125
90 Degree Birch
90 Degree

Jeeves Pro 125 Gal
Same Side
Same Side RH Door

Jeeves Pro 250
90 Degree Birch
90 Degree

Jeeves Pro 250 Gal
Same Side
Same Side RH Door

Jeeves Pro 500
Same Side
Front/Back (Floor Loading w/ Pit)

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