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Jeeves DumbwaiterDumbwaiters are an increasingly popular part of many contemporary homes. While once thought to be reserved only for those with a great deal of disposable income, new innovations and improved installation technology has helped lower the purchase price. Today's dumbwaiters can be used to transport food from the kitchen to the dining room, clean clothes from the laundry room to the bedrooms, and just about anything else that might be too burdensome to carry up a long flight of stairs.

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For centuries, restaurants and the well-heeled have used dumbwaiters to make their businesses or homes run more efficiently while smart homeowners have used them to improve their quality of life. During the 1800s, the first electric dumbwaiter was created, but it would be a good number of years before these became common in homes. Instead, the electric dumbwaiter would primarily be used in businesses and ships, while homes most frequently used manual dumbwaiters. Manual dumbwaiters were also incredibly common in apartment buildings in large cities, like Chicago during the early nineteen-hundreds. This is because these buildings were often very tall, with steep steps and no elevator, so the dumbwaiter was used to make the tenants lives much easier. In today's age, the electric dumbwaiter is increasingly popular. Some ancient dumbwaiters, like the one at Thomas Jefferson's estate, are still in use, but for practicality purposes, an electric dumbwaiter is your best bet.

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Most state of the art dumbwaiter kits include: a guide rail & trolley assembly, motor/gear assembly with a pre-wound cable, a dumbwaiter cab, an intelligent controller, call stations with pre-wired harnesses, a set of interlocks with pre-wired harnesses, limit switches with pre-wired harnesses, assembly hardware, and a detailed installation manual. Once a dumbwaiter is installed, it will require very little daily maintenance.

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