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Elevator Lifts

Elevator Lifts

Elevator LiftsAt Nationwide Lifts Canada, your needs are of the utmost top priority. That is why Nationwide offers a strong variety of elevator lifts for both commercial and residential needs. Options satisfy both indoor and outdoor needs and are backed by the industry's strongest warrantee. Not sure what elevator lift would be the best fit in your home or office? Check out the following options from Nationwide Lifts Canada and see which one would be the perfect fit for you.

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Nationwide Lifts Canada offers a variety of elevators. Focusing on contemporary and traditional elevators, you are sure to find the perfect elevator style to the match the interior of your building. Both traditional and contemporary styles are equipped with safety features and are easy to install in any building.

When it comes to lifts, the options are endless. Depending on whether or not you are looking for a dumbwaiter, wheelchair lift, or stair lift, Nationwide Lifts Canada has your best interest in mind.

Nationwide Lifts Canada offers two types of dumbwaiters for the home or office building that can handle loads from dishes to laundry, books to furniture. Choosing your dumbwaiter will depend on expected load size and style.

Contemporary ElevatorsFor persons using a wheelchair, lifts built for wheelchairs are crucial in the home or office. Wheelchair lifts aid in home or office mobility, something that Nationwide Lifts Canada does not take lightly. Nationwide Lifts Canada offers wheelchair lifts for all types of situations and building structures. Nationwide Lifts Canada offers five different wheelchair lifts. Deciding whether you need a wheelchair lift installed inside or outside your home, plus deciding on a preference of operation will determine which lift is the perfect match for you.

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Stair lifts have become a popular alternative to home wheelchair lifts. Perhaps, it is because they are easy to use, easy to install and fold away when not in use. Nationwide Lifts Canada offers chair lifts designed for any staircase. Do you need a stairlift on the back deck? Or maybe you need a lift that will accommodate you on those narrow basement stairs? No need to worry, because Nationwide Lifts Canada offers stair lifts designed for every situation.

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