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Elevators & Lifts

Elevators & LiftsPurchasing an elevator or lift for yourself or a loved one can be a frustrating task. Not only are there countless manufacturers, each supplier usually has an impressive list of options for you to choose from. Options are your friend, but they can quickly become your enemy if you don't know what you're looking for. Take a look at the following Nationwide Lifts Canada options for elevators and lifts. Once you know what your options are, and the intended usage, choosing your elevator or lift will be a breeze.

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First of all, don't panic when you see the words, "elevator" and "lifts." Even though these terms are used interchangeably, some manufactures use them differently than others. In the case of Nationwide Lifts Canada, the word "elevator" refers to the common, completely enclosed mobility system that any person can use. The word "lift" refers to the specific mechanical system used to assist wheelchair users. At Nationwide Lifts Canada, lifts are not designed to be used by non-wheelchair users, while elevators are.

Nationwide Lifts Canada offers two different categories of elevators: traditional and contemporary. Within these two categories, you will find a list of individual products. If you are in the market for an elevator, you need to know which category was intended for your specific use.

Elevators & LiftsThe traditional elevators at Nationwide Lifts Canada are tailored toward home usage since they are stylish, affordable, and easy to install. Unique designs of the traditional elevators will give your home a seamless elevator addition. On the other hand, the contemporary elevators from Nationwide Lifts Canada were created more for the compact or limited space environment. With elegancy and class, these contemporary styles will give a home a look that is up to date, clean and inviting. Just because the traditional and contemporary elevators were designed to accommodate specific spaces, do not feel like you can't mix and match these options.

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If you're in the market for a wheelchair lift, you may be interested in knowing that Nationwide Lifts Canada offers the wheelchair lift, best suited for an office, school or church building, as well as the stair lift that is most practical in the home. Again, if you prefer a wheelchair lift in your home, or stair lift in your office, Nationwide Lifts Canada gives you the freedom to do so. However, understanding the intended uses of these products can prove very helpful in the decision process.

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