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Residential Elevators Cost

Residential Elevators Cost

Residential Elevators CostAt Nationwide Lifts, we offer a variety of residential home elevators. Whether you need one in your home because of a disability or just want one as a luxury item, we can accommodate you. For around the same price of a new car or less, we can set you up with the right residential elevator.

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Residential elevators cost less than you think. It is not only the rich and handicapped that now are installing elevators in their homes. Many middle class homeowners are adding residential elevators to increase property value or to help make traveling between floors easier. At Nationwide Lifts, we have many different types of elevators you can choose from for your home.

The cost of residential elevators runs on average anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. If you purchase a higher-end model or optional features, you can expect the price to range from $30,000 and up. So, for about the same price as a new vehicle, you can have the luxury and ease of an elevator in your home. All of our elevators at Nationwide Lifts come with an industry best 10-year mechanical warranty.

There are many different kinds of elevators to choose from. We offer residential elevators in many different styles and that use different drive systems. Hydraulic elevators that require a machine room will be the most expensive. Any of our cable-driven or pneumatic elevators that do not require a machine room have lower prices. The best low-cost option is the pneumatic drive system. Taking advantage of a vacuum system, pneumatic elevators are small, compact, efficient, and inexpensive. There are very few alterations that need to be made in your home, and their cylindrical shape allows them to be placed in many areas.

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If the cost of a residential elevator still seems out of your budget, we offer several alternatives that can get the job done for less. At Nationwide Lifts, we offer a line of stair lifts that use a chair and track to bring you up and down the stairs. They are for one passenger only, but they are energy efficient and easy to install and use.

If you plan on staying in your home for many years, the investment of a residential elevator can be priceless. Giving you freedom and access to your whole home will be something you can't put a price on. Check out our website today to see all the residential elevators we offer, and request a free quote.

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