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Residential Elevators Dimensions

Residential Elevators Dimensions

Residential ElevatorWhen thinking about purchasing a residential elevator, you must first figure out the dimensions. After selecting where you will place the residential elevator, you must measure to find out the possible space it will take up.

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If you are planning on getting a larger elevator that will need a machine room, you will have to account for major renovations. Residential elevators dimensions will be based upon the space you have available. If you have the space and budget for a larger elevator, then it will be a great addition to your home. At Nationwide Lifts, we offer many different large residential elevators. If you have the space and need a larger elevator, we offer Freedom elevators with cab dimensions of up to 35 inches by 60 inches, with a cab height of 96 inches. Just remember that larger elevators will most likely require a machine room, and that will greatly increase the cost.

If you have a smaller budget or just have less space, a pneumatic residential elevator is for you. Pneumatic elevators use a vacuum system to move the cab between floors and do not require a machine room. They have a cylindrical shape that allows them to fit into smaller areas more easily. At Nationwide Lifts, we offer pneumatic elevators with a diameter as small as 30 inches and as big as 52 inches. The smaller elevators are great for individual use, while the larger ones can fit someone restricted to a wheelchair.

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We offer many different sizes for some of our residential elevators. However, we also offer custom elevator sizes in certain models. If you do need custom elevator dimensions, it will be more expensive. Be sure to figure out the available dimensions you have in your home so you can purchase the best elevator for your home.

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