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Residential Elevators Prices

Residential Elevators Prices

Residential ElevatorsHaving an elevator in your home can be much more affordable than you think. Many people still believe that only rich people own residential elevators, because only they have the money to buy them. At Nationwide Lifts, we carry many different residential elevators at low prices.

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Residential elevators prices can range anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. While it may seem like a serious investment, a residential elevator comes with a price tag about the same as any new car. The price of a residential elevator depends on the size, options, and labor. The price will really spike if the elevator you choose needs a machine room, which calls for major construction on your home and high labor costs. Purchasing a smaller residential elevator that does not require a machine room keeps the price down.

The most affordable residential elevators we offer at Nationwide Lifts are ones that use a pneumatic drive system. They do not need a machine room and require very little alterations to your home. A pneumatic elevator has a cylindrical shape, allowing them to be placed in many spaces. Pneumatic elevators use a vacuum system to move the cab between floors and are very energy efficient and practical.

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Another thing that will increase the price of your residential elevator is purchasing optional features. Some elevators can be purchased in different colours, use stainless steel, have multiple exits, include an interior phone, or offer custom sizes. All of these options will drive up the price, so if you want to keep the price low, stick to the basics.

At Nationwide Lifts, we offer America's best warranty of 10 years on mechanical, three years on electrical, and one year on labor for all of our elevators. Not only will a residential elevator add luxury and ease into your home, it will increase your property value. At an affordable price, residential elevators are a great investment for any home.

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