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Small Home Elevators

Small Home Elevators

Small Home ElevatorHere at Nationwide Lifts, we offer home elevators that can accommodate many different needs. Some people need a home elevator because of a physical limitation that restricts them from gaining access to different floors in their homes. Other people just want to have the luxury that comes with having an elevator in their homes. No matter the reason you want a home elevator, Nationwide Lifts can help you.

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Many people want to have a small home elevator to make it easier to get between floors in their homes. Houses with two or more floors can benefit from having a home elevator installed. Elderly people must leave their home for a one-floor home or to a nursing home when they are unable to use the stairs on their own. A small home elevator can substantially increase the amount of time someone can live independently at home by giving them the freedom to get between floors again.

At Nationwide Lifts, we carry a few different models of small home elevators that are prefect for this situation. The Vision 350 is a small and affordable home elevator. It comes in a cylindrical shape and has a diameter of 30 inches. Perfect for one passenger, the Vision 350 can increase mobility in your home. Take laundry and food between floors without worrying about falling on the stairs. The Vision 350 uses a pneumatic drive system that takes advantage of vacuum technology. Because the Vision 350 does not require a machine room, there are very few renovations that need to be done to your home.

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If you want a more traditional style home elevator, we offer the Freedom Green model. This elevator also does not require a machine room, keeping the cost lower. The Freedom Green's dimensions are 60 inches by 42 inches, and the elevator has a capacity of 1,000 pounds. The Green model is extremely energy efficient. Using a cable driven system, the Freedom Green can give you up to 50 percent energy savings compared to conventional home elevators. The cab is also made from 100-percent recycled or recovered wood content.

Take a look at our website for pictures and more information about all the small home elevators we offer. A home elevator will increase your home's value along with give you more mobility.

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