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Stair Lift Cost

Stair Lift Cost

Stair Lift CostDue a number of recent advances in the manufacturing and design of residential home lifts, the overall costs have gone down, thus, making home elevators and stair lifts much more affordable. Additionally, many stair lift companies offer discounts to wounded American veterans, to injured children, and most also offer to work with your insurance companies for reimbursement. An investment in a state of the art chair lift or residential lift is a sound one; stair lift cost is no longer something that will prohibit families from making this type of purchase.

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One of the more popular stair lifts is the Indy Pro Lux stair lift. This well-designed, completely serviceable stair lift is an ideal match for staircases in offices, town homes, medical centers and many other commercial office locations. This particular stair lift has a 400 pound weight capacity. It conforms to any body type with multiple seat heights; there is a big seat size along with adjustable width armrests. It offers wonderful stability and improved rail design and clamping. This stair lift operates using two twelve-volt batteries along with a plug that goes into a household outlet. It will work during power outages and it installs within six inches from the wall; leaving plenty of room for the ambulatory family members to comfortably walk up the stairs.

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Instead of purchasing a stair lift, another option would be to rent a stair lift. If there is a disabled elderly family member or if a relative is returning from the war in Iraq with a short term disability that renders him or her unable to traverse a set of stairs, then renting a stair lift might be the best option. Most stair lifts will fold up, so that they will not block the stairs from being used and they can be installed by a trained technician in a matter of only a few hours.

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