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Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts

Residential lifts, stair lifts and vacuum elevators are being installed in homes from coast to coast; homeowners request them in order to help in transporting infirm relatives, loads of household goods, and in hopes of increasing the resale value of their home. Residential stair lifts are safe, affordable and easy to maintain.

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Stair Lift CostThe Indy Curve Stair lift comes with the following: it supports up to 400 pounds, it uses a direct drive motor/gear box, it is designed with a vertical rail to leave plenty of space for guests, it has an instant unit status using visual diagnostics, it operates using two 12-volt batteries along with common household plug, it comes with arms & a comfortable seat, the footrest folds for your convenience, adjustable seat height and armrests, and last but not least, the seat swivels at the upper landing. Some of the discretionary features that can be ordered with the Indy Curve Stair lift include seven upholstery choices, mid park and charge stations for staircases with landings between the top and bottom of the stairs, an optional upper or lower landing park position for additional stability when entering and exiting, larger footrest, larger seats, manual or power folding rails, a power Swivel Seat for upper landing exit and entry, and finally, a power folding footrest that automatically lifts and extends when seat switches position.

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The Indy Curve Stair Lift is ideal for those homes with stairs that have built in curves. This stair life comes with a 10 year mechanical warranty, a 3 year electrical warranty and a 1 year labor warranty. In fact, the stair lift must be installed and maintained by a qualified technician in order to maintain the warranty.

A state of the art stair lift will make life easier for everyone; stair lifts are an easy way to improve quality of life for a disabled relative, spouse or child.

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