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Traditional Elevators

An all-around asset to any multi-story home or building, home elevators are the optimal solution for increasing mobility and independence, adding luxury, and providing greater convenience. Freedom elevators, available through Nationwide Lifts, enhance a property with these characteristics and additionally offer safety with an environmentally-friendly design.

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Contemporary Elevators

Straightforward, less time-consuming installation and a compact design make Vision contemporary elevators some of the most modern models on the market. When it comes to installing a residential elevator into your home, Vision contemporary models require no hoistway, pit, or machine room. These self-contained designs can be installed practically anywhere in a structure to improve independence and mobility and to provide greater convenience.

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Wheelchair Lifts

Affordable accessibility knows no limits with our wheelchair lifts. Built to handle indoor and outdoor uses, Apex wheelchair lifts easily get you from one place to another with a smooth ride. Perfect for improving accessibility in and outside a commercial building, making your residence wheelchair accessible, or providing a better alternative to ramps, our lifts feature sturdy and durable components, can travel up to two floors, and are equipped with emergency features.

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Add an additional level of convenience to your home with dumbwaiters. Do you live in a multi-story dwelling, or run a business with crucial operations on more than one floor? If so, including a dumbwaiter will make the day-to-day operations run smoother: supplies and other items, such as laundry or dishes, can easily be moved between floors without accidents or injuries being a concern.

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Stair Lifts

In a multi-story home or building, stairs can turn into a mobility hindrance for some individuals. When such a common facet becomes an injury hazard or is too great a challenge, what’s a homeowner to do? Rather than spending a large amount on a new single-floor house or restricting your activity to part of your existing home, maintain the same range of independence with one of our stair lifts.

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