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Are Traditional Elevators Still a Good Choice for a New Business?

Are Traditional Elevators Still a Good Choice for a New Business?

Traditional ElevatorsCommercial elevators come in a variety of styles, models, and sizes. Traditional elevator models, including hydraulic and traction lifts, can work well for new businesses. Hydraulic lifts cannot be used in commercial properties that are more than six stories tall. Traction lifts are used on premises of more than eight stories.

Commercial elevators can also be freight elevators that carry machinery, tools, and other equipment, as well as people. Commercial elevators typically carry much more weight than residential models and can sometimes lift many tons.

Choosing the right model for a business elevator is very important. Contractors can often help with the selection by providing information about the specific requirements regarding weight and size capacity. A careful assessment of the site will help your contractor determine the type and size of commercial elevator that will best suit your needs.

Indoor and outdoor models are available. Indoor commercial elevators include platform lifts, stairlifts, and package lifts, while outdoor models include material lifts, vertical lifts, ramps, and pool lifts.

A LULA (limited use/limited application) elevator may be best for a new business. These low-rise elevators were created to fill the void between large commercial elevators and vertical platform lifts. They are smaller than most traditional elevators, less expensive, and equipped with a variety of features, including automatic power sliding doors, stainless steel handrails, and baked enamel walls.

In commercial premises, visual appeal is also a very important factor to consider when selecting a business elevator, so make sure the elevator suits the theme of your commercial space. You can choose a capsule lift, closed lift, and glass lift, or order a custom-built model that will match the d├ęcor of your business.

Also take care to choose the right dealer. Find an elevator provider who can answer your questions and understand what you need from a business elevator. An established dealer will let you choose from many different traditional elevator styles and will be licensed to install and serviceyour commercial elevator.

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