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Can Your Home Switch From a Traditional Elevator to a Vacuum Elevator?

Can Your Home Switch From a Traditional Elevator to a Vacuum Elevator?

Home ElevatorsSince vacuum elevators are cheaper, virtually maintenance-free, and fit in tight spaces, they are preferable to traditional elevators for most homes.

It is easier to install vacuum elevators because they don't require a machine room or pit to operate. They consist of a hoist cylinder, a passenger car, and vacuum turbines. The passenger car is powered by vacuum turbines, so no pulley system, gear box, or cables are needed.

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Installing a vacuum elevator in your home starts with building the hoist cylinder by fitting together panels made from clear plastic. The panels are supported by an aluminum frame. Once the panels are fitted together, the hoist cylinder is complete. Then the passenger car is attached to the rails inside the hoist cylinder and the vacuum system is fastened in the car or attached to the top of the cylinder hoistway.

Vacuum elevators are extremely light, with a capacity of up to 450 pounds, and take up as little as one square meter in area. They use low amounts of energy when ascending and none when descending, making them more affordable and environmentally friendly than traditional elevators.

Vacuum elevators are safe because they use air instead of mechanical components to start and stop the elevator. They use differences in air pressure to move the cab up and down with atmospheric pressure and low pressure zones to make the lift elevate or descend.

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Homeowners looking for an economical, space-saving, aesthetically appealing, and easy to install elevator are switching from traditional models to the vacuum elevator. It's energy efficient, cost-effective, and fun to ride with the clear plastic panels that provide a majestic view as it ascends up to four flights.

There are many types of elevators available for residential use, and the vacuum elevator is fast becoming the most popular since it's cheaper, maintenance-free, and perfect for homes with tight spaces.

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