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Choosing a Commercial Elevator

Choosing a Commercial Elevator

Commercial ElevatorChoosing a commercial elevator is a big decision that should take the proper time and research. There are many factors to consider and questions to answer before deciding on a safe, efficient commercial elevator for a business.

Do Your Homework

Know the commercial building that will be home to the elevator. Does the building have any structural concerns?

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More research will need to be done in selecting the right elevator. Outline your budget and start thinking about how to spend that money. Determine how many building levels the elevator will need to travel. How many people on average are expected to use the elevator and how often? What features do you want from an elevator?Commercial elevators are built and designed differently. An elevator that used for an apartment building might need to be different than an elevator that would be used for an office building.

Choosing the Right Elevator Dealer

It's important to find a reliable elevator retailer. It goes back to doing that research and finding an elevator provider who can answer your questions and understands what you want and need from a business elevator. An established commercial elevator dealer should allow you to choose from several commercial elevator styles and options. You may want to look at elevators that have been used in different business and commercial environments. Make sure you choose an elevator representative that is licensed to service and install commercial elevators.

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An established dealer should be able to help outline safety requirements. Make sure the available elevators all meet the standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The elevator will also need to meet the latest elevator codes. Failing to check on those codes could result in fines and penalties.

Understand and get familiar with the basics of a commercial elevator. Once you find a licensed and experienced elevator retailer, provide the retailer with your research and ask plenty of questions.

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