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What Does a Contractor Need to Know When Building a Home That Will Have a Home Elevator?

What Does a Contractor Need to Know When Building a Home That Will Have a Home Elevator?

Home ElevatorsIf you are a contractor who is planning to build a house with a home elevator, there are several important factors to take into consideration. You must think about the design and layout of the house to be built, the type and size of the elevator, and state and local laws and regulations.

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The first step in planning a home with a residential elevator is to identify the place where the elevator will go. You will need enough space for a shaft, cab, and possibly a machine room. Some elevators require excavation for a pit and hoistway, while others do not. Pneumatic, or vacuum, elevators do not require a shaft, pit, or machine room. They can travel through a hole cut in the floor or can be attached to a balcony. Pneumatic elevators are much easier to install than cable-driven or hydraulic elevator models.

You have to consider the types of materials that will be needed to construct the elevator. This will include the cab itself, doors, a motor, cables or hydraulic oil, turbines for a vacuum elevator, and any optional features the homeowner wants. Plan how these items will be transported to the job site, how they will be brought into the house while it is under construction, and how they will be installed. This will need to be coordinated with the workers who are building the rest of the house.

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In order to install an elevator in a house, you must follow several laws and guidelines. Elevator installers must be licensed by the state in which they work, which requires passing an exam and paying a licensing fee. After the elevator has been constructed, it must be inspected and tested by a state or local official to determine that it is safe for use and issue a permit. Only then can the elevator be operated by the homeowner.

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