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How Much does it Cost to Build an Elevator Machine Room in a Home?

How Much does it Cost to Build an Elevator Machine Room in a Home?

Traditional Home ElevatorThe cost of a home elevator with a machine room runs from $15,000 to $100,000.

A hydraulic elevator costs $20,000 to $30,000 for installation and requires a pit, machine room, and interior or exterior hoistway for the elevator.

Elevator prices are also influenced by the size, carrying capacity, safety features, speed, and the number of floors it will serve. There may also be the cost of a building permit, which ranges from $200 to $1,000 depending on state regulations.

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When planning a machine room for your elevator, you'll need an 18" deep closet on the first, second, or even the third floor. The machine room will take up no space on the footprint of your home but will require 9 feet of overhead clearance at the top of the landing. The machine mounts to the top of the guide rail and can be located in the attic. For a hydraulic elevator, a 4' x 4' machine room is typically used and can be located just about anywhere, including in the basement or garage. Local building code sometimes dictates the machine room size, so contact your distributor for details.

Two types of home elevators that require machine rooms are cable drum and hydraulic. They are quiet, smooth riding elevators that travel 40 feet per minute and can accommodate up to six landings.Hydraulic systems do require a machine room, usually about 5 feet square (about the same size as the shaft itself), in the general vicinity of the elevator installation. Cable winding drum elevators require a similarly sized machine room, positioned adjacent to the topmost section of the hoistway.

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Another important point about elevator machine rooms is temperature control. The temperature in an elevator machine room tracks with the outside temperature and can exceed 100 degrees in the summer, so it's best to install a dedicated cooling system for your machine room to keep the temperature and humidity within the recommendations of the elevator manufacturer.

If you are choosing a cable driven or hydraulic elevator for your home, you may have to do some excavating to make room for a pit, shaft, and machine room. You should also consider the costs for installation, energy to run the elevator, and regular maintenance before making your selection.

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