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Does Your Business Need a Wheelchair Lift?

Does Your Business Need a Wheelchair Lift?

Omega IPL Wheelchair LiftEveryone should be able to move freely in public spaces. Wheelchair lifts can help ensure that all visitors to businesses and public places, including office buildings, medical clinics, and recreational centers, have the freedom of access to all levels of these buildings.

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Wheelchair lifts are an economical alternative to full-sized elevators. If you don't have the room or budget for an elevator or need to make accommodations for visitors who require ADA compliance, then a wheelchair lift is for you. A wide selection of models that travel up to 14 feet and can be installed in an enclosed shaft or an interior enclosure can keep building modifications to a minimum.

Wheelchair lifts are ideal for businesses with a high level deck or even a few steps leading to the front door that prohibit wheelchairs from entering the business. A simple and inexpensive wheelchair lift is an affordable solution that requires less space than a ramp and is easy to install and configure to your premises.

Wheelchair lifts provide:

  • A smooth, silent ride.
  • Easy touch controls for all passengers.
  • Safety features including an emergency stop button, non-skid deck, and a folding toe plate that acts as a ramp for easy exit and entry.
  • Easy maintenance of the electrical panel and all controls from the platform.

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Choose from a variety of wheelchair lift designs, including the vertical or platform lift, which runs on tracks that are vertically fitted along the side of a building and comes with a shaftway enclosure with gates, doors, interlocks, and controls. You can also choose an inclined lift that carries passengers over flat or curved stairways and is custom manufactured to the exact contours of the stairway.

Wheelchair lifts don't require a pit and are surrounded by side panels for support, with a hydraulic or electrical system that provides a smooth ride from one elevation to the next.

Look online for providers that offer wheelchair lifts as a solution to interior and exterior accessibility for a variety of business and commercial buildings. They make all locations in and outside your building more wheelchair accessible and satisfy ADA and other government regulations.

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