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Five Questions to Ask When Buying a Home Elevator

Five Questions to Ask When Buying a Home Elevator

Home ElevatorsIf you are in the market for a home elevator, there are many issues to consider. Here are five questions to ask when buying a home elevator:

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  1. Are there different types of residential elevators?: Yes, the difference is in the type of drive system you choose. There are hydraulic, winding drum, counterweight, vacuum, and gearless. Each system has its advantages and cost considerations.
  2. Is a pit required for a residential elevator?: Most elevators require a pit, but there are a few models that don't. For new homes, a 6" pit depth is the minimum, and 8" is usually preferred. If you are installing an elevator with two-speed sliding doors, you will need a pit depth of 12".
  3. Are residential elevators safe?: Yes, residential elevators are safe as long as you follow the rules set forth by code and the manufacturer's recommendations. Make sure that the elevator you purchase follows all safety requirements and your contractor is licensed for your area. All elevators must be inspected by certified inspectors.
  4. Are home elevators expensive?: Residential elevators are not expensive when you consider the benefits and resale value they provide. An elevator that meets all safety requirements will start close to $18,000 to $20,000 installed.
  5. How long does it take to manufacture and install an elevator?: After approved drawings are sent back to the manufacturer, it can take from four to eight weeks to manufacture the elevator. Installers can usually get the job done in three to five days depending on whether the area is prepared for installation. The elevator must also be inspected and approved by an elevator inspector near the end of the installation.

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These are among the key questions you should ask before purchasing a home elevator. Present them to the manufacturer and get answers about the models you are considering before making your purchase and arranging for installation.

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