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For a Home with Limited Space, What are the Elevator Options?

For a Home with Limited Space, What are the Elevator Options?

home elevatorResidential elevators can add mobility and convenience to any home. Even when space is limited, there are still many elevator options to choose from. Residential elevators come in many different sizes to fit any home, big or small. As well as small hydraulic and cable-driven elevators, there are pneumatic elevators that can be installed even with minimal space.

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Hydraulic and Cable-Driven Elevators

When space is a factor, a smaller residential elevator is needed. Elevator companies offer their products in many different sizes to accommodate a variety of needs. Those who prefer cable-driven elevators can find smaller models that require less space. When space is limited, it is important to find a cable-driven elevator that does not require a pit or machine room. When a pit or machine room is required, more space is needed. Hydraulic elevators are popular for residential use, but normally they need a pit and machine room. This makes hydraulic elevators not the best choice when space is limited.

Pneumatic Elevators

The best choice when space is limited is a pneumatic home elevator. Pneumatic elevators are fairly new but have quickly become a popular elevator for residential use. What makes them so great for situations in which space is limited is that they do not require a pit or machine room. They are installed very easily and can be attached to either a balcony or through a hole in the floor. Pneumatic elevators use vacuum technology to move the elevator cab between floors. Their cylindrical shape allows them have large carrying capacities and take up little space in the home. Pneumatic elevators work great in in any area of the home.

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Even if space is limited, there are many elevator options. It is possible to find hydraulic and cable-driven residential elevator models that are smaller. However, the best choice when looking for a residential elevator to install with limited space is the pneumatic elevator. Its cylindrical shape and easy installation make pneumatic elevators a practical choice when space is limited.

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