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How Contemporary and Traditional Home Elevators Differ

How Contemporary and Traditional Home Elevators Differ

Home ElevatorsThe difference between contemporary and traditional elevators is that most traditional elevators implement a cable-driven or hydraulic system, while contemporary elevators use a pneumatic or vacuum system. The cable-driven system operates like commercial elevators and has high weight capacity, which is ideal for families, and the hydraulic system for traditional elevators is safe and offers a smooth, quiet ride.

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Traditional elevators are the quietest models available with a velvet-smooth ride and accurate leveling at each floor for safe entry and exit. The car can be configured for passengers and wheelchairs. Traditional elevators can include wood handrails to match your cab walls, with bronze or stainless steel car operating panels. They come with emergency stop buttons and a light switch for safety and convenience.


Home ElevatorsContemporary pneumatic elevators offer a more compact design and eliminate the hoistway and machine room, which saves money over traditional elevators. The lack of a pit and machine room and self-contained hoistway and cab combination decreases installation costs and time. These models are smaller than traditional elevators but many are large enough to carry wheelchairs, so they're ideal for physically challenged individuals and meet ADA requirements.

Contemporary home elevators have a modern look, a cylindrical shape made from see-through material. They are operated by cable-driven or pneumatic drive systems, with pneumatic home elevators using vacuum technology. They use the least amount of energy and are the easiest to install.

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The pneumatic contemporary elevator can carry you from floor to floor without a single cable, pulley, or piston and can travel up to 35 feet with four stops. Its elevator tubes are made of polycarbonate and high-strength aluminum with a steel cabin floor. The pneumatic contemporary elevators include brakes and other safety features, including ceiling hold lights and a circulation fan.

A recent addition to the line of contemporary elevators is eco friendly elevators that are energy efficient and cost effective. Green elevators offer energy efficient operation, are easily installed, and need minimum equipment to set up.

The maintenance cost for eco-friendly elevators is lower than traditional elevators', since they don't use pistons or cables, don't need routing servicing, and have minimal wear and tear. There is also no need to use lubricators like hydraulic oils, with environmentally-friendly vegetable-based fluids or highly-refined petroleum fluids used instead.

Eco-friendly elevators are easy to install, because they don't need a pit, shaft or machine room and use a gearless drive system.

Besides being inexpensive to operate and maintain and environmentally friendly, eco-friendly elevators offer a quiet operation with smooth start and stop with good safety features like emergency lighting and alarms, a slack rope safety device and electromechanical interlocks for doors. They also come with a variety of car interiors, including melamine, wood veneer, raised panel hardwood, and inset wood panels.

Just like when shopping for a new car, look around to see what elevator options and prices are available. You can find a traditional or contemporary elevator that will facilitate a comfortable lifestyle for your family and increase the value of your home.

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