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How Do Dumbwaiters Help Reduce Carrying-related Injuries?

How Do Dumbwaiters Help Reduce Carrying-related Injuries?

DumbwaitersAs it turns out, residential stairs are a major cause of in-home injuries. Trips and falls down a flight of stairs can be incredibly dangerous and life altering, and yet many, if not all, Americans frequently brave stairs while carrying heavy, bulky objects. It is for this reason installing a dumbwaiter in a home could seriously minimalize carrying-related injuries. Keep reading to discover how one may become injured by carrying a large, heavy, unbalanced load.

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Trips – As already partially noted, many slips, trips, and falls down the stairs can occur when a person is carrying a large or heavy object. When carrying a large object up or down a flight of stairs, the person may become fatigued or strained. Stress on the body could cause the person to catch his foot on the previous step. When this happens, dangerous falls can be the result. It is important not to carry heavy or bulky loads up or down stairs. Doing so will help you to avoid growing fatigued and tripping. Those who carry bulky loads up and down stairs, especially on a daily basis, should seriously consider installing a dumbwaiter.

Disrupted View – Even if the item is not exceedingly heavy and does not cause the carrier to become quickly fatigued, carrying an item that impedes ones view could cause trips and falls. By carrying an object that obstructs the view of the floor, one will not be able to see items lying in his or her path. This is increasingly dangerous when objects lay waiting on the staircase. A good rule of thumb is this: do not attempt to climb or descend stairs while carrying a large load, if doing so is necessary, and consider installing a dumbwaiter. Dumbwaiters allow you to safely transfer a large or bulky load to another level of the home.

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Back Strain – It is commonly known that lifting with the back and not with knees can cause back strain and injury. Having said this, one should also know that carrying heavy objects up and down stairs can also cause back strain. Here is why: When one carries a load down the stairs, he or she instinctively leans back to counter the weight of the object pulling them forward. As each step is taken, the person leans back. This is harmful because back muscles are being used to balance the weight of the load. In effect, one will strain the same muscles that are strained when picking up heavy objects.

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