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How Does a Green Elevator Cut Down on Energy Bills?

How does a Green Elevator cut down on Energy Bills?

Home ElevatorsResidential elevators are becoming more and more popular today because they are affordable and aid people with limited mobility. "Going green" is another trend that is gaining popularity, as people are doing whatever they can to save energy at home. Elevator manufacturers are catering to this by creating green elevators that help reduce people's energy bills.

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Green Elevators

Many elevator companies are creating their own green elevator models to cater to the people who are economically conscious. These models use far less power to operate by using advanced drive systems. Some models use a traction drive mechanism that uses a counterbalance to decrease the amount of power needed. A small motor increases efficiency and conserves space in the home. Green elevators can use up to 50-percent less energy than other models, decreasing energy bills significantly. Many green elevators are also made from recycled material, making them more eco-friendly.

Other Energy Saving Elevators

Some residential elevators may not be tagged as "green" but can still cut down on energy bills. One example is pneumatic elevators. These innovative elevators use vacuum technology to move the elevator cab between floors. They do not use any oils, require minimal installation, and do not need a lot of power to operate. Pneumatic elevators use turbines to create air pressure that pulls the elevator cab up. When the elevator cab needs to descend, the turbines turn on briefly to lift the cab up off the brakes.Then, the elevator uses gravity and air pressure beneath the cab to carry it down, allowing for the elevator to use minimal energy.

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There are many different options to choose from when looking for a green elevator. By purchasing a green or pneumatic elevator, a person can cut down on his or her energy bills every month.

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