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How does a Hydraulic Elevator Work?

How does a Hydraulic Elevator Work?

Freedom Elite Hydraulic ElevatorThere are many different types of drive systems that a residential elevator can use. One of the most common types is the hydraulic drive system. Thought to be the safest, hydraulic elevators use a hydraulic arm, hydraulic fluid, and a piston to move the elevator cab between floors.

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How they work

The system is fairly simple and is considered the safest type of residential elevator. It has gotten that reputation because the elevator cab is never suspended in the air. The way it works is by a pump forcing hydraulic fluid from a tank into a cylinder. The cylinder is connected to a valve that allows the hydraulic fluid in and out of the cylinder. When the valve closes, the fluid goes into the cylinder, and the pressure pushes on the piston. The hydraulic arm then raises the elevator up to the next floor. So even when the elevator cab is not on the ground floor, it is being held up by the hydraulic arm. When the valve opens, the hydraulic fluid rushes out of the cylinder and back into the tank, which allows the elevator cab to descend slowly and safely.

What they need

Hydraulic elevators do need more work and maintenance than other residential elevators. They require a pit and machine room that must be built before installation. This means that it will take longer to install, needs more space, and is more intrusive on the home. However, once it is built, it is extremely sturdy and safe, which is what many people like about them. They also require more maintenance than other elevator drive systems. They need to have their hydraulic fluid replaced yearly to keep the elevator running correctly.

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  • Hydraulic elevators use the safest available drive system
  • They have large weight limits
  • Can travel to multiple floors
  • Increase a home's value
  • Provide a smooth, quiet ride
  • Sturdy design

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