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How Often Should a Home Elevator Receive Maintenance?

How Often Should a Home Elevator Receive Maintenance?

Home ElevatorsYou are thinking about installing a home elevator. Now the question is, how often should a home elevator receive maintenance?

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You can avoid expensive repairs by regularly maintaining your home elevator. Elevator manufacturers offer regular maintenance service with their contracts, with semi-annual service most common. You should sign up for a planned maintenance program today to ensure your home elevator will operate smoothly for years to come.

Regular maintenance is essential in keeping your home elevator in proper working condition. Your residential elevator is a sophisticated vertical lift system that will deliver long-term trouble-free service with the proper maintenance.

As the owner of your home elevator, you are responsible for assuring that the service and maintenance are performed on a regular schedule. This helps to deliver a properly running system that continues to enhance your lifestyle and deliver peace of mind. Just as you take care of a new automobile, regular maintenance and service of your residential elevator can provide the difference between a helpless, stranded feeling and a great ride!

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Your elevator company will provide technicians who are committed to helping you achieve the enhanced lifestyle a home elevator delivers through regular inspection and service. They will inspect your elevator to ensure it is working properly.

Routine elevator inspection, adjustment, and lubrication are the foundation of elevator maintenance plans. Technicians will visit you at factory-recommended intervals to examine and provide maintenance services for your home elevator. Not only will they help ensure everything is in working order, but they will also identify any safety issues. This regular elevator maintenance service helps keep your home elevator functioning at its optimal level and is a proactive way to avoid high repair costs.

The most common causes of a home elevator's failure to operate are gate cars not closed all the way; hoistway doors that have sagged, warped, or are not completely closed; and power failures. Service technicians can handle these problems for you.

Parts and labor for your home elevator are typically warrantied for up to three years on newly installed equipment. These warranties cover parts that fail due to defects within the warrantied period and labor associated with the parts that fail. Your maintenance program will cover defective home elevator parts.

Contact your elevator manufacturer for details on extended maintenance programs that will ensure your home elevator is serviced regularly and continues to provide you with efficient service. Arrange for biannual inspections from highly qualified technicians who can handle any problem.

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