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How to Choose a Stairlift

How to Choose a Stairlift

Indy Curve StairliftStairs can be dangerous and difficult to navigate for seniors and individuals with mobility issues. A good home stairlift can be a wonderful solution.

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There are a variety of stairlift options, so here are some tips on how to choose the one that is right for you:

  • Design – The most common stairlift design is a chair that glides up and down a straight rail. There are specialized models for curved stairways and perching models with tall narrow seats for narrow staircases or users with knee problems. The curved models are more expensive but can be custom designed to fit around spiral staircases.
  • Safety concerns – Make sure your stairlift has an easy-to-use seatbelt, a sensor that safely stops the chair before hitting obstructions, and high safety ratings.
  • Flexibility – Make sure the stairlift can swivel away from the top of the stairs and is easy to step off.
  • Size – Astairlift should not block the stairway so others can use it, and the chair and footrest should easily fold into a compact size.
  • Other stair lift features to look for – a wide ergonomically-designed seat, a comfortable backrest, a large footrest, adjustable seat and footrest heights, easy to operate controls.
  • Stairlift style –The hardware and seat covers come in a range of colors so you can find one to match your décor and tastes with a dark footrest that hides footprints.
  • Stairlift power option – You may be able to choose between an electric and battery-powered stairlift. Battery-powered units are quieter and smoother and work if there is a power failure in the home.
  • Cost – Stairlifts cost between $3,000 and $15,000 installed, but some state and Veterans Administration programs may be available. The stairlift may be eligible for a tax deduction if it is medically necessary and improves the value of your home.

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If you have mobility problems, you can avoid leaving your home for a single floor dwelling or restricting youractivity to one part of your home. Maintain the same range of independence with a stairlift that provides an economical mobility solution.

Look online for stairlift providers that offer straight and curved models that accommodate passengers of all sizes and wheelchairs and are provided with safety and emergency features, such as sensors and backup battery power.

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