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Installing a Wheelchair Lift At a Business

Installing a Wheelchair Lift At a Business

wheelchair liftIf you are a business owner, having a wheelchair lift installed at your company's headquarters is smart. Being able to accommodate potential clients is a great way to build a long-lasting business relationship. There are many individuals in wheelchairs who enjoy getting out and doing some shopping, so giving this independence to roam around your store is a good way to keep them coming back. Having a handicapped-accessible business is a smart move.

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Installing a wheelchair lift also satisfies state laws regarding handicapped accessibility in public places and businesses. For many businesses, especially those with multiple floors or steps leading to entrances, a wheelchair lift can make your workplace more accessible and help you meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

If you're thinking of installing a wheelchair lift at your business, take these steps:

  • Decide which type of wheelchair lift you need – from electric to platform and portable wheelchair lifts (for smaller organizations, installing one portable wheelchair lift may be best).
  • You can choose a vertical or inclined wheelchair lift and models that travel up straight rails or custom models that go around bends and corners.
  • Measure the space where you plan to install your wheelchair lift.
  • Get price quotes from several wheelchair lift suppliers.
  • Schedule the delivery and installation of your wheelchair lift (be sure to allow enough time to make alterations, if necessary, as some wheelchair lift installations require an extended period of time to set up and test).

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For around the same price as a used car, you can have a wheelchair lift installed atyour business. The exact price varies depending on the size, model, and optional features. On average, wheelchair lifts cost between $3,000 and $15,000, so look at the options carefully and decide which model is best for your business.

Wheelchair lifts accommodate visitors and employees who can't easily get up the stairs on their own. They encourage business visits and can help injured or disabled employees function on your premises.

Wheelchair lifts provide affordable accessibility and are built to handle indoor and outdoor use. They are perfect for improving accessibility in and outside a commercial building. They provide a better alternative to ramps, feature sturdy and durable components, can travel up to two floors, and are equipped with emergency features, including emergency lowering, lighting, and a safety sensor. They come with an aluminum and acrylic elevator hoistway.

Look online for wheelchair lifts from companies that will professionally install them at your business.

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