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Points to Consider for Wheelchair Accessibility

Points to Consider for Wheelchair Accessibility

Omega IPL Wheelchair LiftWheelchair accessibility can be very limited in most homes. People who use wheelchairs daily can struggle to access different levels in their homes. With the help of a wheelchair lift or residential elevator, someone with those struggles would have access to every area of his or her home.

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Wheelchair lifts are a very affordable accessibility option. One of their benefits is that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. A better alternative than a ramp, wheelchair lifts can safely and smoothly carry a person inside his or her wheelchair with ease. No pit is needed, and the lift can be powered by a hydraulic or electric system. They can be operated by the person using them, allowing a person in a wheelchair to be able to move between floors independently. Some people need help getting up to a deck or up a set of stairs that are outside their homes. A wheelchair lift can give the same safe and convenient transportation outside as they do inside.

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The market for residential elevators has increased greatly as they have become more affordable and the need for accessibility products has grown. There are so many options when it comes to residential elevators that there is one to fit every need. One of the most common models today is those that come with pneumatic drive systems. Pneumatic elevators can come large enough to fit a person who uses a wheelchair, but takes up very little space in the home. They are affordable, practical, and energy efficient. The pneumatic drive system uses very little energy when moving the elevator cab up and almost none when the cab descends. Other options are cable-driven and hydraulic residential elevators.

Restricted mobility can take away a person's independence and force an individual to leave his or her home. With accessibility products like wheelchair lifts and residential elevators, a person can regain his or her independence at home.

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