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What Are Some Popular Woods used in Traditional Elevators?

What Are Some Popular Woods used in Traditional Elevators?

Home ElevatorsThe type of wood used on the inside of a home elevator cab determines the feel of the entire installation. Birch, oak, and maple are popular low cost woods for the application. At the higher end of the spectrum are furniture style grade woods like cherry and alder.

The wood-core cab is the oldest design in the modern era and represents the classic, traditional aesthetic in elevator cab design. It is ideal in climate-controlled environments that are not too moist or humid. The elevator cab adds elegance, value, and convenience to your home.

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Wood can also be used for elevator wall panels and doors. The walls may be made of hard mahogany with solid wood moldings, and the doors are also made of mahogany and stained to match the walls. Wooden elevator doors are made from high quality wood that is resistant to termite attack. They are simple to install and easy to maintain and can be customized to create a unique look for your home.

You can also install a wood floor in your elevator cab. Custom elevator flooring can be made from a variety of wood and wood laminate finishes, including maple, natural oak, cherry and walnut. Unfinished oak without laminate is also available.

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Wood finishes in a variety of colors are available, including sedona red, ipswich pine, golden pecan, and driftwood.

Better grade woods can substantially increase the cost of installation, but even if you can't afford dark cherry or alder, try to get some type of real wood, which is preferable to laminate and will provide longterm enjoyment of your traditional elevator.

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