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The Advantages of a Dumbwaiter for a Small Business

The Advantages of a Dumbwaiter for a Small Business

dumbwaiterWhen most small business owners think about items they need to run their operation smoothly, dumbwaiters don't usually come to mind. But dumbwaiters – small freight elevators that transport objects from one floor to another -- can be used in a variety of businesses, from hotels to restaurants and medical clinics.

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Today's electric-powered dumbwaiters are efficient and dependable, available in a variety of styles, from stainless steel to wood, and can transport loads ranging from 100 to 500 pounds.

Dumbwaiters can transport paperwork from one department to the next and food from the kitchen to the table in a restaurant.

Dumbwaiters are especially handy for food service businesses. Food needs to be meticulously prepared and delivered quickly, so the dumbwaiter is one of hardest working appliances in a commercial kitchen. By installing and operating a dumbwaiter, restaurants and other commercial kitchens save time and money, reducing needed staff and transporting food quickly via the dumbwaiter's pulley system.

Dumbwaiters also improve safety in a restaurant, enabling employees to avoid narrow staircases and cramped kitchens where accidents can occur.

Dumbwaiters also provide a hygienic way to transport food. They are manufactured with sanitary stainless steel or enamel finishes and work well in a hygienic kitchen environment.

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Dumbwaiters are also highly efficient in small hotels. Hotel room occupants can order items that can be delivered by a dumbwaiter that can connect rooms or floors, which reduces human labor. Instead of utilizing a large elevator to transport items to individual rooms, a dumbwaiter can handle the job, providing a cost benefit. Dumbwaiters enhance in-room privacy for guests.

Dumbwaiters also require little maintenance. Once installed, they last for years.Dumbwaiters operate with a rail system, offer control buttons, can stop on two or more floors, and are equipped with safety devices for emergencies.

As you can see, there are many advantages of a dumbwaiter for small businesses. Look online for elevator manufacturers that offer dumbwaiters in a variety of styles and see how beneficial they can be for your small business.

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