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How Long Does it Take to Install a Home Elevator?

How Long Does it Take to Install a Home Elevator?

Home ElevatorsOne elevator manufacturer said that once an order is placed it takes four to five weeks to manufacture the elevator to the specifications and then it can be installed within three days. Another manufacturer estimated that in typical residential elevator applications, installation takes four to five days.

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Installation time also depends on the elevator model you've chosen. The on-site time for elevator installation ranges from two weeks for an accessibility lift to four weeks for a hydraulic elevator and six weeks for a traction elevator. Prep work, such as hanging the hoistway doors and installing electricity, also needs to be done, which increases the time for the actual installation to up to eight weeks for a hydraulic elevator.

One of the major problems with installing an elevator in a home is the amount of space required, along with the costly infrastructure and maintenance issues and the cost associated with retrofitting an elevator into an existing home. While it is easier to install an elevator in a new construction, because the elevator shaft can be incorporated into the floor plan, an elevator can also be installed in an existing home.

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Pneumatic, or vacuum, elevators offer the fastest installation time for home elevators. They require no excavating for a pit, hoistway, or machine room and can be fitted to almost any two- or three-story home at a fraction of the cost of a typical home elevator and installed within a few hours.

Vacuum elevators install quickly because there are fewer parts than traditional elevators and the parts are easy to assemble. Simply prepare the area by removing rugs and furniture. Once the area is prepared, the vacuum elevator can be installed quickly.

Vacuum elevators also install quickly because they are smaller than traditional elevators. Many have doors that are 20 inches wide, making them too small for wheelchairs to pass through, but new designs that accommodate wheelchairs are being developed.

When you order your elevator, the manufacturer should survey your home and determine the best location for the elevator to be installed. Then your elevator will be installed as quickly as possible, and the equipment will be tested to ascertain if it is in safe working condition. Any areas of your home that have been affected by the installation will be cleaned.

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