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Tips for Elevator Maintenance

Tips for Elevator Maintenance

Freedom Green Home ElevatorPurchasing a residential elevator is an investment that needs to be well taken care of. Since a residential elevator will be transporting family and friends, they need to be maintained to provide a safe ride. While they are already a safe way to add mobility to any home, by being properly maintained, a residential elevator will work properly and last longer.

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A residential elevator should be serviced regularly. It is custom to have an elevator that is used to carry people every six months. Certain types of elevators require different amounts of maintenance depending on their drive system. Hydraulic elevators, for instance, require more upkeep than other residential elevators. Since this type of elevator uses hydraulic fluid, it must be changed regularly, depending on the amount of use. Also with a lot of moving parts, hydraulic elevators should be inspected regularly to keep them working at their full potential.

Other elevators, such as pneumatic elevators, require less maintenance. They use a vacuum system that does not need the same kind of upkeep as a hydraulic elevator. Also, if any significant changes in the structure or use of the elevator are made, it should be inspected by a professional. Many companies that sell residential elevators will also warranty their products.

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Elevators are complex machines that have parts that need to be regularly maintained to keep them up to code. The gears should be checked for wear and tear, as well as the doors. If the elevator uses any type of lubricant, the components should be checked for wear and fluids changed regularly. Cable-driven elevators need to have their ropes checked for wear, signs of breaking, and the backup safety ropes and emergency braking system need to be inspected. Pneumatic elevators require the least amount of maintenance, but their brake system must be checked for wear, and routine inspection to check the turbines should be done.

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