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Tips for Installing a Pneumatic Elevator

Tips for Installing a Pneumatic Elevator

Vision 550 Pneumatic ElevatorIt's not overly difficult to install a pneumatic elevator; its simplicity in design and very few parts make it one of the easiest elevators to install. Having said that, it's always smart to properly prepare before building or installing anything, and these tips will help you do just that. In order to have a pneumatic elevator working by dinnertime, check out these simple tips.

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Make a Plan – Most homeowners already know where their pneumatic elevator will be installed before the product is even shipped; however, always double check that the intended location is ideal before fitting pieces together. To do this, make sure there is nothing obstructing the intended path of the system and make sure all persons are aware that installation is about to take place. Pneumatic installation can be done in just a few short hours, as long as the area is properly prepped. Small children and animals should be kept away from the installation site. If needed, ask a neighbor or family member to babysit. Installing a pneumatic without interruptions will make the process easier and less stressful. Undivided attention is critical.

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All Hands on Deck – It is important to recruit help. Although installation is not overly difficult or laborious, it will require at least two sets of hands. It is best to recruit help before the date of the intended installation to ensure all able bodies actually show up. Extra help will come in handy when fitting the hoistway together, since the upper levels of the shaft will need to be hoisted into place. When assembling the hoistway, it is important to have at least one other person help steady each section of tubing while you connect each piece. Although the job is not necessarily dangerous, it is also important to have help for safety reasons. If something goes wrong and an installer is injured, having able bodies on site could prove incredibly helpful.

The Hoistway ¬– Keep in mind that the hoistway (elevator shaft) is 90 percent of the actual system. It is for this reason you should begin installation by building the hoistway. Every other part of the pneumatic elevator is dependent on the hoistway. The elevator car, as well as the air pump, cannot be placed until the shaft is constructed. Once the lower part of the shaft is built, the car can then be installed. After the shaft is completed, the air pump, which powers the elevator, can be situated at the very top. In some models, the pump will be located on the car itself; in this case, both car and pump can be installed at the same time.

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