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What to Expect for an Elevator Inspection

What to Expect for an Elevator Inspection

Electric DumbwaiterAn annual elevator inspection is a requirement mandated by the government. The purpose of carrying out an inspection is to identify problems that can be addressed in order to ensure that elevators operate safely and efficiently.

An elevator inspector will examine your lift and complete a checklist and report. This will include an inspection of the elevator cab, doors, cables, brakes, and emergency components.

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The elevator inspector will check the speed of your elevator to see if it is working at capacity so that it can transport passengers quickly and efficiently from floor to floor. The inspector will evaluate the force of the doors as they open and close and the amount of time required. The inspector will check the pull thru and pull out, the speed of the overspeed valve and plunger gripper, and the brake torque.

The inspection will also include a check of emergency safety features. The inspector will make sure that the elevator complies with fire service regulations, that the smoke alarm is functioning properly, and that the elevator has a back-up emergency power source. The inspector will also check that the intercom is working, that test logs are complete, and that operating permits are posted.

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The elevator inspector will fill out a form detailing the results of the inspection. He or she will note any deficiencies that have been identified, along with the specific code and rule number that are in violation.

If a problem is identified, the owner of the property is required to have it corrected. The elevator inspector will return to examine the elevator again and make sure that the problem has been addressed.

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