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When is a Cable Elevator the Best Choice for Your Home?

When is a Cable Elevator the Best Choice for Your Home?

Visi 58 Cable ElevatorResidential elevators are becoming more and more popular, with this increased popularity, they are also becoming more diverse. Now homeowners can choose between hydraulic elevators and cable driven elevators, solid wood elevators, and clear, see-through elevators that look like they came straight out of a Jetsons episode. With choices like this, it is understandable why many homeowners are getting overwhelmed. Hopefully you've narrowed down your own choice to either cable or hydraulic; if so, we can help you make that last, final decision. Here are a few reasons a cable elevator could be a good choice for your home.

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Got the Space – The reason many homeowners tend to choose hydraulic elevators is they do not have the space for a cable elevator. Unlike hydraulics, which lack moving parts, gears, or machinery, cable driven elevators require both a machine room and a pit. Folks who don't have enough rooms in their homes for a machine room or pit tend to lean toward the hydraulic option. If a cable-driven elevator is something you desire for your own home, make sure that space is readily available. The machine room, which is usually located adjacent to the elevator shaft, houses the elevator engine. The machine room needs to be easily accessible, so that routine checks can be made and problems can be fixed. Since a pit needs to be dug into the foundation, cable elevators are easier to install in a new building than in an existing one; however, retrofitting a home with a cable elevator is common.

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Hiding an Elevator – Those who have classic, traditional-styled homes realize that the addition of a clear, modern-looking hydraulic elevator would look out of place. For these homeowners, a cable-driven elevator that can be neatly stored behind an existing wall is the best option. The best part about cable elevators is that they can be hidden behind walls with their doors neatly disguised as pantries and cabinets. If hiding the elevator would be the best way to incorporate it into your home, going cable is the best choice. Your houseguests will be shocked when they open a mystery door to find a full-sized elevator ready to take them to the next level.

Maintenance – Sometimes, yearly maintenance and upkeep scares potential buyers; if upkeep doesn't affect your decision to install an elevator, then a cable-driven model is perfect for you. Cable elevators have a lot of moving parts, and in order to keep those moving parts working smoothly, lubricants like oil must be routinely changed. Some states require that residential cable elevators be inspected yearly, but even if this is not required, it is still a good idea to evaluate the mechanics often.

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