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Which is Better – a Pneumatic or Hydraulic Elevator?

Which is Better – a Pneumatic or Hydraulic Elevator?

pneumatic elevatorIf you're asking which is better, a pneumatic elevator or a hydraulic elevator, we couldn't tell you. The reason we can't tell you is we don't know the answer – it's completely relative to each person. While one homeowner might prefer a hydraulic elevator over a pneumatic one, this doesn't mean it really is better but rather that he or she is content with the decision to install said model over the other. In order for you to decide for yourself which model is better, check out the benefits of both.

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Pneumatic Elevators – Pneumatic elevators are becoming very popular, and part of that popularity could be in part due to the little to no maintenance associated with them. This isn't the only benefit you'll get from installing a pneumatic model; you'll also find that pneumatics are incredibly safe, have very few moving parts and absolutely no liquids or oils that need to be changed, and take very little time at all to install. Pneumatic elevators are relatively affordable, and most exhibit a rather futurist look to them that would fit perfectly in the contemporary home. Another benefit of pneumatic elevators is the 360-degree view of the inside of your home as your ride from one floor to another.

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Hydraulic Elevator – Hydraulic elevators are sometimes confused to be pneumatics, but they shouldn't be. Unlike pneumatic elevators, which are powered by air pressure, hydraulic elevators are powered by a hydraulic arm that lifts the car up and down. This hydraulic arm moves when fluid is pumped into and out of the hydraulic arm. Some prefer the hydraulic option because they prefer the idea of an arm holding the car instead of simply air pressure. While pneumatic models are very contemporary and futuristic looking, hydraulic models look like traditional cable-driven elevators. Many prefer hydraulic models over cable-driven elevators because they are much quieter.

Things to be Aware of – While there are many benefits to both hydraulic and pneumatic elevators, there are some things you should be aware of. Pneumatic elevators, although wheelchair accessible, tend to be smaller than traditional cable and hydraulic models. That being said, if you don't want a smaller elevator, perhaps you should look at other options. Hydraulic elevators tend to require a machine room and also need to be checked regularly, as fluids need to be refilled and changed.

When it comes to choosing an elevator for your home or business, we'll let you decide which option is "best."

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