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Which Residential Elevator Designs are Better for Wheelchair Accessibility?

Which Residential Elevator Designs are Better for Wheelchair Accessibility?

Home ElevatorsWhen it comes to designing home elevators for wheelchairs, the bigger the better. The minimum recommended cab size is 36" wide and 48" deep. Elevator code allows the cab to be up to 15 square feet. The size of the hoistway varies according to the cab size, drive style, the number of door openings in the cab, and where the openings are located (in-line, opposite or 90 degree adjacent). So you should never begin construction without layout drawings for a specific application that will accommodate a wheelchair.

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Many home elevators are wheelchair accessible and a practical solution for the elderly and infirm who can lead independent lives with their mobility challenges. Residential elevators are convenient, quiet, and easy to operate and assist in easy movement up and down floors.

Residential elevators are incorporated with various safety measures that accommodate wheelchair occupants, including door interlock systems, emergency stops with alarms, power backup facilities, telephones, one touch screen controls, and cable safety devices.

cable elevatorsResidential elevators are available in a variety of models, from hydraulic elevators, which require a machine room, to electric traction and pneumatic elevators, which don't use machine rooms. The electric elevators operate by counterweight that keeps the cab suspended in the shaft and the pneumatic elevator uses a vacuum that moves cars between floors by suction. The cost of installation for electric and pneumatic elevators is less because they don't need a machine room.

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Green elevators are the fourth type of residential elevators that operate with an overhead winding drum. Residential elevators with wheelchair access can be easily integrated into new or existing homes. A typical home elevator ensures a reliable, quiet, smooth operation. It can be easily operated by the elderly and infirm and adds value to your home.

An ADA complaint residential elevator comes with a wide variety of cab finishes and colors to match your interior and exterior d├ęcor.

There are a number of residential elevator manufacturers that offer wheelchair accessible units. They offer an exclusive range of residential elevators based on the requirements of the elderly and physically challenged. Before buying an elevator, determine exactly what you need in terms of the speed and loading capacity of the elevator and the size of the cab that will accommodate the wheelchair.

Look online for elevator companies that can manufacture and install a residential elevator that offers wheelchair accessibility for you or your family member who needs it. Residential elevators are more affordable than ever with a range of traditional and contemporary models to choose from that are built with wheelchair access in mind.

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