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Why Don't Some Hydraulic Elevators Need Machine Rooms?

Why Don't Some Hydraulic Elevators Need Machine Rooms?

Home ElevatorsMachine room-less elevators (MRLs) were introduced in the 1990s, constituting the first major breakthrough in lifting technology in nearly 100 years.

Historically, traction and hydraulic elevators required sizable machine rooms to store the motors and hydraulic pumps. In the 1990s, advances in technology enabled gearless MRLs that employ a smaller sheave and redesigned machine that could be mounted within the hoistway itself, eliminating the need for a bulky machine room.

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Gearless technology has virtually replaced the traditional geared machine-type traction elevator and made inroads into the hydraulic market. Advances continued, and in 2011 the technology was extended into hydraulic elevators, enabling them to dispense with their full-size machine rooms, making the elevator a self-contained system. The move produced savings in construction and operational costs.

MRLs don't need a separate machine room and work by sliding up and down a track with a counterweight. They utilize additional space above the top of the elevator to house the equipment that runs it.

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Hydraulic MRLs are powered by a hydraulic arm that lifts the car up and down. It moves when fluid is pumped into and out of the hydraulic arm. Hydraulic models are preferred over cable-driven elevators because they are quieter.

The benefits of hydraulic MRLs are that they save a significant amount of energy and eliminate the cost and environmental concerns of a hydraulic cylinder filled with hydraulic oil. MRLs also use a gearless traction type machine that results in superior performance at faster speeds.Eliminating the machine room provides extra space in your home to meet your needs.

Because an elevator machine room is not just a room, but a space that requires a complex system of lights, fire protection, and HVAC equipment, eliminating the room with a MRL results in reduced construction costs, materials, and time. With fewer moving parts, installation can be simpler, and in some instances elevators can be installed via the hoistway, without having to be positioned by overhead cranes.

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