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Will a Green Home Elevator Need Hydraulic Fluid?

Will a Green Home Elevator Need Hydraulic Fluid?

Freedom Green Home ElevatorInstalling a lift in a new home is an opportunity to make your dream house all that more comfortable to live in, while, at the same time, making it more valuable on the resell market.

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The standard features that come along with our Freedom Green Residential Elevator include fully automatic operation, one thousand pound lift capacity, forty feet per minute rated speed, a home landing feature, and a low noise motor. Our Freedom Green lifts are environmentally friendly, and they also come with a digital display in car operating panel.

The standard features that come with our Freedom 750 Green Residential Elevator include a weight capacity of either 750 or 1000 pounds, 36 RFM rated speed, a hydraulic drive system for smooth quiet operation, alarm buttons, and four recessed ceiling lights, along with a travel capacity of up to forty feet and five stops.

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Residential elevators can also be very helpful if you have elderly or disable family members. The overall size of the hydraulic pump and the other pieces of machinery that are required for a hydraulic elevator to be installed in a residence necessitate that a climate-controlled room be devoted to storing these parts of the elevator. The hydraulic fluid is costly and dangerous and thus it needs to be stored in a safe and secure room.

An investment in a residential home elevator will most assuredly pay off in the future; more specifically, more and more people are getting new elevators installed in their homes and small office buildings.

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