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Will a Wheelchair Lift Work Outdoors?

Will a Wheelchair Lift Work Outdoors?

Omega IPL Wheelchair LiftGetting from floor to floor in a home or business can be a challenge for someone who uses a wheelchair. If you need to make your building accessible to people with limited mobility but don't have the space or budget for an elevator, a wheelchair lift could be the solution.

The Apex Green wheelchair lift can be used either inside or outside a residential or commercial building. It utilizes a screw drive system and can transport up to 450 pounds up to 23 feet at a rate of 14 feet per minute. The wheelchair lift folds up when not in use. It utilizes reliable continuous pressure buttons and includes several safety features, such as automatic emergency lighting.

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Our Apex Hydro wheelchair lift operates with a hydraulic system either indoors or outdoors. It offers efficiency and convenience outside, especially at a commercial building. The Apex Hydro can transport up to 750 pounds and has an anti-skid platform for safety. It also has battery-powered lowering and lighting for emergencies. It has side guard panels and an emergency alarm/stop button. The Apex Hydro can travel up to 12 feet and two stops at a speed of 25 feet per minute.

The Apex Elite wheelchair lift includes the same features as the Hydro model and also uses a hydraulic operating system. The Elite includes an elevator hoistway constructed with a durable aluminum frame, clear acrylic panels, and landing doors. It can move up to 750 pounds up to 12 feet over two stops.

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Many homes and businesses have staircases with curves, but that is not a problem for the Omega IPL. This inclined platform lift can operate either indoors or outdoors. It features a compact rail and folding platform that will allow other people to use the stairs. It can operate on battery power and does not require a machine room. The unit stays powered by top and bottom charging stations. The Omega IPL wheelchair lift can travel up to 12 feet with two stops at a rate of 25 feet per minute. It features an emergency battery-powered lowering system, automatic emergency lighting, and an emergency alarm/stop button.

Don't let limited mobility keep anyone from getting around at your home or business. With a wheelchair lift, you can make your building accessible to everyone.

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