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Traditional Elevators
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Traditional Elevators

An all-around asset to any multi-story home or building, home elevators are the optimal solution for increasing mobility and independence, adding luxury, and providing greater convenience. Freedom elevators, available through Nationwide Lifts, enhance a property with these characteristics and additionally offer safety with an environmentally-friendly design.

Luxurious yet affordable, Freedom residential and commercial elevators are equipped with features to handle a building's design and suit an individual's needs. Operating with a hydraulic or traction mechanism, each model can stop at a number of floors and has built-in safety features, such as battery-powered lowering and backup lighting. Offering the right amount of strength to hold wheelchairs, furniture, large electronics, and other household or business items, these home and commercial elevators can support up to 453.592 kg (1,000 pounds) or more.

Freedom commercial and home elevators go beyond convenience and independence. With customized features, each model can mimic the look of your home or small building. Within each basic design is a choice of metals, including stainless steel, and wood panels with various finishes. One or two doors at 90- or 180-degrees improve convenience and mobility possibilities.

Perfect for moving between floors, transporting items, and reducing injuries, Freedom elevators make a great addition to any home or small commercial building. To start your home improvement project, browse our varied selection of Freedom elevators today.

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