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Visi 58
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Visi 58

Vision cable elevators adapt to several home styles. All self-contained, 58-Round and 48-Octagonal models offer integrated, fully clear acrylic hoistways and cabs, and no pit or machine room needs to be installed into your building. Installation, as a result, takes less time and ends up costing less.

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A sturdy winding drum mechanism with two aircraft cables moves up to 376.481 kg (830 pounds). The system can travel a total of 12.192 meters (40 feet) over two to five stops. Within the cab is enough space to hold a wheelchair, and anyone riding inside receives a panoramic view of your home.

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• Wheelchair accessible
• 830 lb capacity
• 30 fpm rated speed
• Variable speed drive system for smooth, quiet operation
• Standard cab platform of 52" diameter or 13.44 Sq. Ft.
• 84" interior cab height
• Travel capability of up to 40 feet with 5 stops
• No pit requirement for easy adaptation to new or existing homes: 3" ramp provided
• Automatic emergency cab lighting for added safety
• Emergency alarm and stop buttons
• One recessed ceiling light
• Illuminated haloed push buttons in car
• Automatic timed lighting
• 230V operation
• Standard black color

• Balcony Ring
• Custom Colors
• Flush floor ring on first landing if 4" pit is provided

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The Visi 58 comes standard in a dark gray finish. Optional light gray, white, black or copper brown
finishes are available.

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Drawings & Guides
Here you can download as a PDF/DWG or you can view the PDF online by clicking the link(s) below.

Visi 58 (Need Doc)

Visi 58 (Need Doc)

Visi 58 (Need Doc)

Visi 58 (Need Doc)

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