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Wheelchair Lifts
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Wheelchair Lifts

Affordable accessibility knows no limits with our wheelchair lifts. Built to handle indoor and outdoor uses, Apex wheelchair lifts easily get you from one place to another with a smooth ride. Perfect for improving accessibility in and outside a commercial building, making your residence wheelchair accessible, or providing a better alternative to ramps, our lifts feature sturdy and durable components, can travel up to two floors, and are equipped with emergency features.

Not requiring a pit, the platform of an Apex wheelchair lift is 86.36 cm (34 inches) by 137.16 cm (54 inches) and surrounded by 106.68 cm (42-inch) side panels for support. While a hydraulic or electric system provides a smooth ride from one elevation to another, each lift is supported by emergency lowering, lighting, and a safety sensor. For increased protection inside or outdoors, the Apex Elite comes with an aluminum and acrylic elevator hoistway.

A solution for interior and exterior accessibility, a wheelchair stair glide can be used alone or with any of our lifts. Providing a platform that travels over one to two staircases, the Apex Stair Glide is an economical solution for increasing mobility inside a commercial building or home. Much like wheelchair lifts, the Apex Stair Glide provides a non-skid surface and standard safety features.

For making all locations in and outside your building or home more wheelchair-accessible, install any of our Apex products. Browse our selection to discover which ones closely match your needs.

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